Momiji – console



MOMIJI - For Collectors (Console series)


Customisable on request

Standard Sizes: W900xD500xH800 (Vanity) / W900xD100xH1280 (Mirror) /
W350xD350xH450 (Pouf) / W400xD360xH1700 (Floor Lamp) / W266xD230xH500 (Table Lamp)


Sakura Adachi

+, Lighting, Multifunctional, Seating, Storage, Table
About This Project

‘Momiji’ is Tura’s latest collection inspired by fusion of esthetics and function. The Japanese maple ‘Momiji’ is a consistent theme of the collection, which creates an elegant atmosphere in a domestic environment.Moreover, there are hidden storage spaces for ‘collector’s items’ – such as watches, jewellery, perfume and so on to appreciate personal and precious objects.The collection ‘Momiji’ is elaborated by enriched combinations of natural parchment and tinted maple wood together with hand-made chromed elements.

The three environments – console, lounge and entrance areas are introduced in the collection with a variety of well-designed details.

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