Truffle Kit

About This Project


Truffle tasting is a special moment. You taste with your eyes, your nose and then your mouth.

I immagined of a scene of celebration or rite where people gather to enjoy an experience with the truffle. This brought me to design a series of elegant gestures and behaviour in handling truffles to appreciate their preciousness.

It is a truffle kit that has a familiar look in transparent glass and dome-shaped, but with a long tube integrated at the top. It helps to channel the truffle scent, so that it becomes more intense. In addition, it can store a pair of tweezers to pick up the truffle. It is also used to decorate well the dish with sliced truffle. The dome is removable to access the truffle.

The circular truffle slicer is hidden under the tray. Thanks to its unusual shape, it is easy to slice truffles holding, not only perpendicular but also diagonal to the blade.

The lower part of the kit is a container with a lid to store in fridge. The upper part of the kit can remain on the table to present well your precious truffle.


Truffle set


Sakura Adachi

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