About This Project

Office work environment is becoming more and more versatile. It is not only a place to work but also to meet and chat, to eat and drink, to rest and relax and to do many other activities. The office system FUSION is what makes architecture functional as well as what helps people do various activities they have to do in the office.

FUSION is constructed based on a kind of three dimensional frameworks. Every detail is carefully designed around people’s behaviors and activities in office space. There are designated storage spaces for personal and workplace belongings to articulate and get better management of space.

A variety of configurations create different atmospheres and landscapes, which are not only for solo and collaborative working but also for impromptu meetings and short breaks in a more relaxed and home-like environment and less institutionalised context.

FUSION is an office system that responds also to a new scenario like co-sharing and co-working spaces. Workplace should be like a kind of social network but with real people. They want to enjoy themselves, express their personalities and individual characters even though when they are working as a team.



Office furniture system


John Bennett & Sakura Adachi

-, オフィス家具, システム家具, 家具
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