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Living in a hectic lifestyle, a little break is an essential moment not only to refresh and re-energize yourself but also to keep you in good shape. Take your favorite food from home with Food à Porter collection, eat and drink healthily on the go wherever you are at work, at the park or even on the journey to your destination. Their sleek and stylish look and clutch bag like forms let you feel free to carry your food from home. Food à Porter products also blends well with your professional look and personal items.

The cutlery set has fork, spoon and knife in the dedicated container which fits perfectly in the top compartment of Food à Porter lunch box. Being an independent container, the cutlery set can also be carried separately along with Food à Porter lunch pot. Otherwise, you can keep the cutlery at work and take only the lunch box back home for the next day’s lunch. The cutlery’s curvy form was designed to be easily used with Food à Porter products. The silicon band in the middle binds all the fork, spoon and knife together to avoid moving around inside the container.



Cutlery set & container


WxHxD mm


Sakura Adachi

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