Food à Porter

About This Project

Whether mid-morning break at school or after school before waiting for dinner time, kids often get hungry and are necessary intake some quick snacks between meals. With Food à Porter snack box, they can bring fresh and healthy food from home. Some cut fruits and vegetable, crackers, sandwiches, cheese …etc. can be easily packed in the snack box to be consumed at school, at park bench, at gymnasium, or even in the car on the way to some afterschool sport activities.

In line with Food à Porter lunch box, with the inner lid, snacks can be separated into two compartments. Otherwise, without the inner lid, rather voluminous food such as muffin, sandwiches or yogurt in cup can be kept in the container.

The snack box comes with four little wheels. Its unique feature takes the snack box to somewhere between a food container and a toy to play with. The friendly form can invite kids to eat, play and have a fun at the same time.




W200xH100xD110 mm


Sakura Adachi

+, Children, Snack box
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