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  COLLECTION: WELCOME - Reception desk




WELCOME is characterized by the hallmark of the top that combines the different functions of the reception in a harmonious and poetic way.

The architectural morphology, the warmth and hospitality are recreated by the soft lines and curves designed to evoke a positive feeling in “being welcomed”. WELCOME is a system of components which can be arranged and customised according to each individual situation and the client’s particular requirements. The components are performance categorised and chosen according to if you are working with a hotelier, agencies, small professionals or a multinational company. The reception segments are for receiving in a stand-up position, wheelchair height, for packages and post, and for day to day routine work tasks that the receptionist will have to perform.

The vertical and horizontal cable management allows the power supply to reach all points of the reception to enable computer systems, video and office automation systems and remote control.

The furniture collection includes drawer storage and open storage, horizontal and vertical cables management, top access points, monitor arms and cable grommets, varying top depths and different height functions. The lower level can be used for sitting or resting luggage, the 750 height for normal desktop activities including quick meetings at the 1000 depth point and 1100 height for normal reception activities.

Size: W500-4800 x H1100(counter) / H750 (desk) mm (straight version)
Material: Wood / Glass / Marble
Design: John Bennett & Sakura Adachi
Manufacturer: Martex

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