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  COLLECTION: MAGIC MIRROR LIGHT - Visible or Not Visible?



"MAGIC MIRROR LIGHT" is a LED light with 'Visual Illusion' making use of reflection and passingthrough of light.

"MAGIC MIRROR LIGHT" is made from 'Two-way Mirror' sheet formed in triangular pyramid. It is a
special material which functions as a 'Mirror' when looking from the brighter ambient, but it functions as a transparent 'Glass' when looking from the other side.

Making use of this characteristic, one LED light bulb can be seen through the glass from the 'Outside' ('Glass' function). On the other hand, looking from 'Inside' the lamp shade, 1 LED lamp appears as 10 LED lamps reflecting on the 'Two-way Mirror' ('Mirror' function).

There are pendant and wall light versions. With the wall light version, the reflective effect creates the illusion of 7 LED lamps as a result of different reflective surfaces.

Size: W376xD325xH283 mm (Pendant Light) / W300xD128xH260mm (Wall Light)
Material: Two-way mirror / Stainless steel

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